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QUESTIONABLE DOCTORS: Negligent Doctors and the Failure of New York State to Notify Patients"

NYPIRG has pressed New York to become a national leader in health care policy. NYPIRG has led the fight for New York State to reduce the needless suffering, injuries and deaths that result from poor quality health care and harmful exposures to toxic chemicals, including tobacco and lead in paint and children’s products. NYPIRG has been a leader in fighting to maintain drinking water quality across the state.

NYPIRG has strongly advocated for improvements in the state's oversight of physicians. In legislation passed in 2008, New York significantly improved its doctor discipline program. In 2007, NYPIRG pushed for legislation to improve reporting and oversight of procedures performed in doctors' offices. In 2000, NYPIRG successfully advanced legislation that created a physician profiles program that allows patients to review the qualifications and legal history of their doctors. In addition, NYPIRG helped develop landmark legislation that protects enrollees in managed care plans by allowing them to appeal decisions to an impartial panel of health experts. NYPIRG has launched the Patient & Family campaign to promote greater transparency and safety in health care.

NYPIRG played a prominent role in advocating for New York's strong policies to protect children, workers and nonsmokers from exposure to tobacco smoke, programs designed to reduce underage smoking and the first-ever law to ensure that cigarettes sold in New York meet strong fire-safety standards. In addition, NYPIRG is closely monitoring implementation of a $1.4 billion agreement to protect drinking water consumed by 10 million New York City and Westchester County residents and fighting to protect drinking water supplies at risk from proposed hydraulic fracturing drilling technology. NYPIRG has led the fight for New York City’s strong Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention law and also to focus the state on lead poisoning prevention through legislation, advocating with state agencies and litigation.

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